Airport information

Cranfield Airport is an Ordinary Licenced Aerodrome which carries out unusual research activity from time to time and therefore operates ‘PPR’ (Prior Permission Required). To avoid restriction, pilots who have filed a flight plan should still PPR in order to ensure their proposed flight plan timings can be achieved at the airport.

Although there are no official noise abatement procedures, standard rules of the air apply and pilots are requested to remain clear of Cranfield village and the University Campus buildings.

Departure ATIS is available on 121.880 MHz. Future developments will include full ATIS; however, arrival weather can be obtained by ATC on first call.

Cranfield regularly operates single frequency and therefore first inbound call should be made to Cranfield Approach 122.855 MHz.

Tower Frequency operates on 134.930 MHz, however if operating single frequency the tower function may be carried out on the approach frequency.

Prior to Start, Departure ATIS will detail the initial contact frequency. All aircraft are required to gain start approval from ATC

Online payments

You can now pay online for Training (non-based)/Visiting/Leisure Flights under 2.7 tonnes. Visit the schedule of fees and pay online.

Landing fees will be taken online through world pay application. You can email Airport Accounts on for advice or to request an invoice. They can also be reached by telephone on 01234 75 8151 from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

There are no walk in payments facility at Cranfield Airport but we will provide advice and guidance if you need it in order to set up the Worldpay account.

Toilet facilities are available in building 187; access via the exit gate on apron 3.

Airport access

Access to the airport is governed by local security policies in order to safeguard customers and their property.  For information on gaining access please contact where access can be arranged in conjunction with Main Campus Security.

For customers requiring access (on foot) prior to or after notified operating hours should contact main security on + 44 (0) 1234 750111.

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