Water ingestion trials

Cranfield Airport has a unique facility in the form of a floodable splash pit. This facility can be hired for testing of aircraft for certification.

Existing customers include Pilatus.

Case Study

August 2016 heralded the arrival of the prototype Pilatus PC-24 business Jet at Cranfield Airport for FAA / EASA approved water ingestion testing certification.

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions Limited (CAeS) is proud to have managed and facilitated the three-day trials from initial concept through to successful completion.

The trials performed form part of the extensive process for new aircraft certification; they replicate a heavily rain soaked runway in order to assess the aircraft’s performance and safety during several runs through the flooded area of the runway at various speeds and configurations.

CAeS in conjunction with Cranfield Airport is uniquely positioned in the market to be able to offer a specifically designed facility to provide water ingestion testing and have several years of experience in conducting such trials.

For more information please contact: j.bampton@cranfield.ac.uk

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