General Aviation (GA)

Cranfield Airport resides in Class G airspace, and is surrounded by an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ), 2 NM in radius and 2000 feet in height. Although a procedural service from Cranfield is available it is important to remember that not all airspace users outside the ATZ will be talking to Cranfield and therefore the Cranfield Air Traffic Controllers may not know about all the traffic in the vicinity of the aerodrome. Pilots should pay particular attention to published glider activity and also helicopter operations from Junction 13 of the M1 (situated in the approach to Runway 03, offset to the right of the approach).

The airport lies between Milton Keynes and Bedford and is north of the M1 Motorway. Approaching the airport pilots will see the digital tower mast (27 metres high and to the north of the main runway) and the type C RAF hangars, which make up the front of the University land.

For more information about the airport services, please visit airport information

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