EU/CTA arrivals

Cranfield Airport is a non-designated Customs Airport and holds a Certificate of Agreement with Border Force.

Flights originating from either the EU or the Common Travel Area must complete a General Aviation Report (GAR) form prior to arrival.

The notification periods are:

  • From/To EU – minimum four hours notice.
  • From/To  CTA (between the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man) – minimum 12 hours notice.

After completion, the forms should be sent via email to Cranfield Airport Handling from where we will be happy to forward on to the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Outside normal handling department operating hours (0800 to 1900 local time), please send your completed form to the following email addresses :

After completion, a copy of the GAR form should be sent to

It is imperative that details submitted on the GAR form match exactly the passport or ID card that passengers or crew will be carrying with them to avoid delays upon arrival at Cranfield.

On your arrival, providing all documents have been submitted prior to the date, your passengers will be able to disembark the aircraft and go on with their journey.

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