Operating VFR

VFR Departures are to request a left or right turn after departure as required.

Arrivals VFR

Due to the procedural nature of the Air Traffic Service, an initial call is requested 10 minutes flying time from the airport in order to ensure correct sequencing. Cranfield very rarely accepts straight in approaches due to the busy nature of the instrument approaches (these quite often have training pilots operating on them).

Cranfield operates 4 main VRPs for which aircraft can be given joining instructions, they are:

  • Olney
  • Woburn Town
  • Stewartby Brickworks (disused)
  • Newport Pagnell Services

When at VRP, aircraft will be given the runway in use, QFE and QNH and surface wind, and instructed to contact tower for joining instructions. Once established on Tower Freq, joining instructions will be given (runway in use and pertinent traffic information). If operating single frequency joining instructions will be passed by the approach controller at the VRP. Pilots should remember it is important that they do not enter the ATZ or join the circuit until a positive joining instruction has been given.

Cranfield does not normally accept standard overhead joins as no deadside is available.  In the event that a pilot requests one and it is granted you will likely be asked to remain in the overhead until clearance to descend to circuit is given.

The Cranfield Visual Circuit is predominately flown to the south of the airport; however, aircraft can join either left or right circuits as the VRP arrival direction dictates. Pilots must remember not to cross the circuit/approach or climb out without positive clearance to do so.

After landing, follow ATC taxi instructions to parking. For GA, parking is normally on Apron 3 and specific areas are marked in order to allow emergency access from the fire station. Occasionally this will require shut down and push back to the marked areas. Pilots should take caution with engine and prop proximity to the shoulders due to French drains.

The latest Cranfield Airport Aerodrome Chart is available on the AIP.

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