Operating IFR

IFR departures

IFR departures will be dealt with in accordance with the nature of the flight. A pilot joining airways should pass their estimate for the join point when requesting start.

IFR arrivals

Due to the procedural nature of the Air Traffic Service, an initial call is requested 10 minutes flying time from the initial approach fix in order to ensure correct sequencing and separation can be achieved. Cranfield currently operates a mixture of precision and non-precision approaches.

These are:

Precision 21:

Non-Precison 21:

Non-precision 03:
NDB (unavailable without DME)

Plates for these approaches should be reviewed from the AIP only as this is the only assured data Cranfield issues (links are provided).

After landing, follow ATC taxi instructions to parking. For GA, parking is normally on Apron 3 and specific areas are marked in order to allow emergency access from the fire station. Occasionally this will require shut down and push back to the marked areas. Pilots should take caution with engine and prop proximity to the shoulders due to French drains.

Cranfield Airport Aerodrome Chart

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