Future developments

Cranfield Airport is currently planning for a number of exciting projects which will develop the airport as a global force for research and aviation across all sectors. Cranfield University is at the cutting edge of aviation innovation and conjunction with the DARTeC building, enhancements will be carried out to the airport infrastructure which will significantly increase operational capability. Situated in the Oxford-to-Cambridge arc and within 50 miles of London, Cranfield Airport provides a perfect environment for growth.

Proposals for the new Air Park at Cranfield Airport took a step forward with the granting of outline planning permission by Central Bedfordshire Council.

The ambitious plans for the Air Park will help the University develop a state-of-the-art airport for private jets and to help maintain the airport for its research objectives.

Under the plans, the airport will see new aircraft hangars and an associated business terminal, new office space, a hotel and various upgrade works within the airport. The Air Park will be developed over two separate phases with the aim of completion in 2024 and the potential to generate over 600 new jobs.

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