Apron services

Cranfield Airport is able to provide a wide variety of airport services to suit the individual needs of the business jet customer.

Aircraft marshalling

Marshalling is available for all business jet aircraft.

Aircraft refuelling

Both Jet A1 and Avgas are available at Cranfield Airport via a dedicated bowser service. If you are on a quick turnaround, we can arrange for the fuel bowser to meet your aircraft upon arrival at Apron One to ensure the speediest turnaround possible.

Miscellaneous services
  • Aircraft toilet servicing
  • Water
  • GPU
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Cleaning
  • Catering
Aircraft handling

Each business jet landing at Cranfield Airport is met by a member of our handling team upon arrival and our handling team are available throughout the day to look after the needs of passengers and crew.

Aircraft tug/towing

Our hangar team are available for aircraft tug/towing both for aircraft wishing to park in our hangar and for outside parking.


Cranfield can accommodate long term parking for business jets within our site.

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