Fire safety training

The fire safety course is designed to provide fire safety for companies wishing to have personnel trained in fire safety.  It meets the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  It provides the latest information and practical experience to ensure staff in both low and high risk areas have the knowledge and ability to deal with fire safety with confidence and ease.

Who it’s aimed at:

  • Any person who is expected to respond to a fire alarm or may actually be confronted by a real fire.
  • Any person who may be required or have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher.

It covers all the basic knowledge enabling the employee to safely evacuate in an emergency and the appropriate actions to be taken.

Theory location – Classroom environment

Practical location – Conducted outside

Content of the course

Theory session:
  • Employee responsibilities
  • Fire presention
  • Fire detection and fire-fighting
  • Fire escape
  • Fire classification
  • Fire extinguisher capabilities and limitations
  • Fire extinguisher types and colour coding
  • Application of extinguishing media.
Practical session:
  • Use of Water, Co2, Foam extinguishers on real fires
  • Demonstration of fire blanket

For more information on these courses and our course dates / costings please telephone us on +44 (0) 1234 754710 or email

Participants are advised to wear warm clothing and flat closed toe shoes for practical scenarios.


Very good course, delivered by two professionals. P.W. – February 2013

Well worth attending. R.H. – February 2013

The course was effectively delivered and covered relevants areas.  Well taught. T.S. – April 2013

Feel much more confident – would definitely recommend this course. V.S. – April 2013

Excellent course, good communication, engaging and interactive. J.R. – May 2013

Very information, easy to understand, highly enjoyable. D.C. – November 2013

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